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    "Uco" was an Indian chief, from the tribe of the Millcayak Huarpes, inhabitants of this valley centuries ago. It was only around 1491-1493 that the Incas arrived from Peru. In 1608 the Jesuits settled in Mendoza and in 1658 they founded a rural property in the Uco Valley; the San José ranch, which gave rise to the town and the Atamisque ranch created later. This property owned 19,000 hectares; being divided at the end of the XIX century. The ranch had different owners who succeeded one another, until it was acquired by a Frenchman, John Du Monceau, who fell in love with the place and decided to settle there to live. His wife, Chantal, having had a winemaker grandfather in the Beaujolais region of France, supports the idea of ​​building a winery on the property; This is how «Bodega Atamisque» was born, which is inspired by the original name of the place, with the first harvest taking place in March 2007.

    "Atamisque", an aboriginal shrub that grows naturally around the winery, gave rise to the name of the farm where the winery is located. Atamisque is the line icon of the Winery. Aged for between 14 to 16 months in new French oak barrels (Taransaud) that gives it the elegance and complexity that characterizes them.


    ORIGIN: La Consulta, Tupungato, Mendoza.
    VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
    WINEMAKER: Philippe Caraguel
    ALCOHOL: 14.5%
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 6.98 g / l (Tartaric Acid).

    Color: Deep and intense red.
    Aroma: Red fruit jam combined with notes of peppers.
    Mouth: Corpulent, very structured, with pleasant tannins; It is characterized by the very friendly reunion in the mouth of a palette of red fruits and spices, the long aging in barrels add complexity with descriptors such as vanilla, cocoa and chocolate.

    Winery: Atamisque
    Harvest: April
    Harvesting System: Manual in boxes of 18 kgs.
    Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks, with strict temperature control (25 ° C / 28 ° C), at the end of fermentation the temperature is released at 30 ° C. Natural and complete malolactic fermentation in barrels.
    Aging: 14 months in new French oak barrels.
    Aging potential: 15 years.

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