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    The Vineyard is geographically located in the northern oasis of Mendoza, 65 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza, in the Gustavo André district of the department of Lavalle. Lavalle has a very low population density per km² and little rainfall, which has made these lands known as the “Mendoza desert”, a place of refuge for the Huarpes.

    The objective of Onofri Wines is to produce high quality Argentine wines, with a deep respect for the natural environment and the community where it originates.

    It is a vineyard where environmental conditions are taken care of and ecology is respected, privileging soil management as a central part of the system because it is a complex and living resource that must be protected and maintained to ensure its long-term stability. We only fertilize with organic fertilizers and natural materials that do not harm the balance of the environment. Weeds are specially treated and controlled manually, never with herbicides, while diseases are managed through biological control and prevention.

    Climate: The climate in Ingeniero Gustavo André is desert in character. Extreme temperatures and an average rainfall of approximately 177 mm.

    Height: This vineyard is 560 meters above sea level, almost at the end of the Mendoza River basin.

    Soil: Alluvial origin - very deep sandy loam soil resulting from the deposit of fine sediments such as sand mainly and some silt and clay.

    Conduction: 80-year-old vine grafted with Carignan in 2017. Irrigation by mantle.

    Sustainability: in addition to organic management, for our wines we use inputs that have less environmental impact, Eco - light bottles and recyclable caps made from sugar cane with 0 carbon footprint.


    COMPOSITION: 100% Mourvedre


    ALCOHOL: 12%

    PH: 3.18

    ACIDITY: 7.1 GR / LT



    HARVEST: Manual harvest in boxes - March 2019

    FERMENTATION: Maceration in press for 6 hours. Alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures in neutral barrels with indigenous yeasts. Without malolactic fermentation.

    AGING: 3 months in neutral barrels.

    BOTTLING: July 2019

    PRODUCTION: 2,000 bottles

    ADVISORY WINEMAKER: Gonzalo Tamagnini

    Color: Attractive pale pink

    Aroma: Fresh and intense floral character with very subtle nuances of red berries and citrus.

    Mouth: Soft, round, delicate with notes of raspberry and grapefruit with a long and elegant finish.

    RECOGNITIONS: Chosen as the best 15 Luxury Rosé Wines by Vinomanos in the 2018 vintage

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