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    Born in 2002 in Alto Agrelo-Mendoza, the TRAPEZIO winery expresses in BO BÓ the soul and spirit of the project. Inspired by the fox, the native in love with the foothills, a noble and intelligent worker who likes to walk around the farm and knows all its secrets ... by night and by day: its guardian.

    BO BÓ BOURGEOIS Malbec and BO BÓ BOURGEOIS Cabernet are two wines that differ and at the same time complement each other. That invite to be drunk at the same time. That they conquer sip by sip. They teleport you to Mendoza in the harvest, to the winery aromas: they connect you with fresh fruit, the sun, the breeze, nature, sustainability, the origin, the present, the future. Genuine, austere, direct wines, designed to be enjoyed and drunk today in full, juicy and vibrant at the same time that they invite you to keep a sample and contemplate its evolution, like life itself ... Designed to be enjoyed, from the heart of Agrelo to the cup.


    BO BÓ BOURGEOIS, dresses up with the Cabernet Sauvignon who arrives steadily and with structure while giving us its freshness and high drinkability from the hand of an aging in barrel (12 months). 2.5 hectares irrigated per mantle. Grapes harvested with very good maturity, with a great tannic load and concentration of anthocyanins, invite a wine cellar adorned by a spicy character that gives it firmness, complexity and sophistication.

    A wine with a Bordeaux style that gives it elegance, along with the minty trace and balanced acidity, provided by the varietal that accompanies the king of the red grape variety par excellence.

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