Ribeye Lip On


    Spencer Roll is prepared from a Forequarter´s dorsal portion after the removal of the Chuck and Neck. The Rib Ends are cut at a specified distance from the M. longissimus dorsi (eye muscle). It includes the following main muscles: M. trapezius thoracis, M. latissimus dorsi, M. illiocostalis, M. longissimus dorsi, M. multífidus dorsi, M. serratus dorsalis, M. M. intercostali and M.M. levatori costarum.

    Points requiring specification:
    · Rib number and location.
    · Ligamentum-nuchae retained.
    · Distance of the ventral cut to the
    rib eye.
    · Intercostals removed.
    · Fat trim.

    PACKING: Compact - Large
    SIZE: 51x35x10 - 60x40x15
    PACKAGE: Vacuum
    PIECES PER BOX : 4/5 pieces - 7/8 pieces
    BOX WEIGHT: ≈10 kg - ≈17 kg
    THERMAL CONDITIONS : Chilled/Frozen
    SPECIFICATION POINTS : Cap Off, Cap On - 2/2,5 kg - 2,5kg +

    Shipping all over the world
    Kosher Certification
    Halal Certification
    SIF China
    AQSIQ (84021000044)

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